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Commercial Charging Pile Customer Feedback Survey Results

Revealing user needs and innovation strategies


Dear commercial charging pile users, hello!

As a supplier focusing on providing high-quality charging pile solutions for the commercial field, we have always taken user experience and meeting needs as our core goals.

In order to better understand your opinions and suggestions, and to continuously improve our services and products, we recently conducted a customer feedback survey. we’ll show you the findings and share some innovative strategies to meet your expectations.

Survey overview

In the past few months, we have actively invited registered users to participate in feedback surveys and collected more than 600 valuable feedbacks.

The survey covered aspects such as website functionality, product quality, customer service, and innovation needs.

User Needs And Innovation Strategies

Product quality and reliability

Many users are concerned about the quality and reliability of charging piles, hoping to purchase high-quality products that have undergone rigorous testing and verification.


We will further strengthen the product quality control and testing process to ensure that each charging pile is strictly inspected and certified.In addition, we will provide more product technical specifications and certification information, so that users can fully understand our product quality assurance.

Customized needs for charging piles

Some users mentioned their needs for customized charging pile solutions to meet the requirements of specific business scenarios, such as parking lots, corporate parks, etc.


We will increase the options for customized services, and work closely with customers to design and provide customized commercial charging pile solutions according to their specific needs to meet the needs of different scenarios.

Charging pile compatibility and intelligence

Many users hope that charging piles can be compatible with different brands of electric vehicles and have intelligent functions, such as payment systems, remote monitoring, and data analysis.


We will continue to cooperate with major electric vehicle manufacturers to ensure the compatibility of charging piles, and increase research and development efforts to provide more intelligent charging pile solutions to meet the diverse needs of users.

Thank you for your feedback on our website, your comments and suggestions are very important to us. We will continue to improve our services and products to meet your expectations.

If you have any questions, suggestions or customization needs, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team.

We look forward to providing you with better commercial charging pile solutions and jointly promoting the development of the electric vehicle industry.

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