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Empowering Sustainable Growth with GK

Leading the Charge in EV Charging Solutions

GK is a global manufacturer of electric vehicle charging piles, enabling everyone to transform energy into new opportunities for sustainable growth.

Looking for strategic partners to provide a complete set of cutting-edge solutions for a smarter and more efficient life.

GK designs an intelligent, safe and highly reliable AC charger “reel charger” for users

Smart: Provide advanced energy services for private applications, resulting in cost savings and smart charging logic

Monitoring: Provide comprehensive remote technical assistance with fast response

Dynamic: ready for load optimization add-ons

Safety and high reliability: IP65, 2 years warranty

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    With the popularity of electric vehicles, we have gradually entered a new era oriented towards clean and efficient energy. However, the impact of cold weather on electric vehicle performance has become a topic of great concern. How electric vehicles perform in cold weather, and how the industry continues to embrace challenges and turn them into opportunities for growth.