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EV Home AC Charging Station-E18

Dumbbell style design, convenient for charging and no dirty hands


Dumbbell Charging Station

Fast Charging, 60 KWh Battery Pack, Fully Charged In 5.4 Hours.

Keep your hands tidy

Dumbbell handle design avoids dirty hands

Certification subsidy

Energy Star certification, customers can apply for local (the United States, Europe) can apply for the source of the source star subsidy


Focused on U.S.A,European market.


Fast Charging

AC Charging LEVEL 2, 48Amps, 240V

Ergonomic design

Easy To Charge

APP control

You can reserve time, adjust current, and check charging status

Charger Method

Plug and play customizable


Automatically identify electric vehicle charging current

EV Standard

ETL, Energy Star, European CE

Wiring Method

Electric vehicle charging stations can be wired and plugged in Electric vehicle charging stations can be wired and plugged in
  • Bluetooth quick connection.
  • View charging status in real time.
  • Automatic identification of charging current or manual selection.
  • Schedule a charging time to avoid peak electricity consumption periods.

Safe and secure

Electric vehicle charging stations have undergone strict safety testing and meet IP65 waterproof standards.
This means that the charging station has a high degree of waterproof performance and can operate reliably in various weather conditions, providing safe and convenient charging services for electric vehicle owners.


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