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Five Proven Tips for Affordable EV Charging

As electric vehicles (EVs) grow in popularity, controlling charging costs is critical for EV owners.

Fluctuating energy prices can affect charging costs, but with some simple strategies, you can optimize your charging experience and save money. Here are five valuable tips to help you achieve cheaper EV charging

Charge overnight for lower rates and green energy

Charging an electric vehicle at night is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly method.

Many utilities offer discounted electricity rates during off-peak hours (usually midnight to 6 am). By taking advantage of these lower rates, you can reduce your charging costs significantly, sometimes by more than half.

Also, during these times, electricity is often generated with a higher percentage of renewable energy, reducing the carbon footprint.

Smart Fast Charger

While fast chargers are handy for longer trips, they can be expensive.

To optimize costs, avoid topping up your batteries at fast charging stations. After reaching 80%, the charge rate slows down significantly, while the price per kilowatt-hour (kWh) remains the same.

Instead, plan for short charging stops and unplug at 80% to free up charging spots for others and avoid overpaying for slow charging.

If time permits, choose slower charging points in shopping malls, tourist attractions, and city centers, which are often more affordable.

Benefits of Charging at Work

If your employer provides charging facilities at work, you can enjoy unique benefits.

Electricity is not taxed as fuel in the UK, so if you charge your electric car for free at work, you don’t pay in-kind benefits for the energy you use.

Passengers can also take advantage of this discount, making EV carpooling even more attractive.

E16 EV Charging Station: The Solution to Your Electric Vehicle Charging Needs

It is a reliable and efficient solution for all your EV charging needs. The E16 is designed with versatility in mind, it can adapt to various power sources, and the charging current can be automatically recognized and adapted by plugging in the power supply. It can set the charging time, and it can be fully charged within 8 hours, which is of great benefit to battery life extension. Contact the supplier for custom adapter plugs to ensure compatibility where power is available. Compatible with popular electric vehicles, the smartphone app provides in-depth data on each journey, helping to identify energy waste and reduce costs. Additionally, the E16 is able to withstand harsh conditions and is dust, water and shock resistant, making it ideal for fleet needs. Take these tips and consider investing in an E16 EV charging station to experience affordable and hassle-free EV charging. By adopting these practices and choosing the right charging solution, you can maximize your savings and contribute to a greener future for all.

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