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UK EV charging experience in 2022:

User feedback and improvements

The UK electric vehicle (EV) market achieved significant growth last year. By the end of 2022, more than 1.11 million plug-in vehicles have been registered in the UK, including more than 660,000 pure electric vehicles and more than 445,000 plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV).

As the number of electric vehicles increases, so do the number of electric vehicle charging stations across the country. According to a January 2022 Zap-Map report, the UK already has nearly 30,000 public charging devices. This number will grow to 37,261 by the end of 2022, a 31% increase since December 2021.

To gain a deeper understanding of the EV charging experience, particularly on the GK Charging Network, we conducted a survey of EV drivers using the network in December 2022. Here are some key findings.

Charging preferences and habits

The survey shows that home charging is the first choice for electric vehicle drivers surveyed, with 50% of respondents saying that more than 60% of their charging is done at home. 

This preference is not surprising considering that home charging is usually subject to only 5% VAT, while public charging is subject to 20% VAT.

However, public charging networks remain indispensable. According to research from Lloyds Bank, only 56% of UK homes currently have supported charging points, suggesting that public charging networks are vital for those without access to home charging facilities. 

Our survey highlighted that 63% of drivers surveyed used public charging stations more than 10 times in 2022.

Payment method preference

On the GK network, drivers can choose from a variety of payment methods, including using the mobile app, driver portal and map, GK recharge cards, roaming partners or contactless payments.

Based on the survey results, apps appear to be the most popular payment method, with 56% of respondents saying the GK app is their favorite method, followed by contactless payments.

GK charging experience

In 2022, 27% of drivers will use GK charging facilities more than 10 times. 74% of respondents were satisfied or very satisfied with the overall GK charging experience. Drivers like our locations (60%), 71% find our charging facilities reliable and over 57% are satisfied with charging speeds.

Encouragingly, 86% of drivers said they were willing to use GK’s services again.

The most important charging facilities

When asked about the most important amenities at a charging station, drivers said they preferred little to no queues, fast charging speeds and having multiple charging points.

Customer service

While only 29% of respondents had contacted GK’s customer service team, 68% were satisfied with their experience working with our team. We are committed to providing excellent customer service and regularly monitor and improve our services. Our helpline is available 24/7 to support you.

Charging point location

The most popular answers for the most convenient charging point location were on route (47%) and close to home or work (31%).

Other suggested locations include leisure centres, shopping centers and resorts. This highlights that when drivers choose to travel in electric vehicles on holiday or long-distance journeys, relying solely on home charging may not be enough, so a reliable public charging network is crucial.

GK charging experience

34% of drivers want to see more charging facilities, 25% want faster charging, and 20% want a more unified payment method. These factors illustrate the importance of simplifying the charging process for EV drivers, so providing abundant and easy-to-use high-power charging facilities as well as convenient payment methods is crucial.

Overall, there has been significant progress in the EV charging experience in 2022, but there is still room for improvement to further meet user needs. We will continue to work hard to provide more charging facilities, increase charging speeds, and simplify payment processes to ensure a smoother and more convenient charging experience for electric vehicles.

Thank you all electric vehicle users for your support and feedback. Your opinions are very important to us and will help us continuously improve and enhance service quality.